Welcome to TeeZees Original Women's Rib-Knit, Cotton/Spandex Snap Bodysuits, Thong Leotards and More! 

Comfy, Functional, Sexy and, just like the classic "Beater" style tank that inspires their creation, TeeZees are sure to become one of your go-to favorites! 

100% Quality Made in the USA

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Introducing teezees lingerie Original Rib-Knit Lingerie!

We've taken the simplicity and comfort of a basic ribbed knit tank-top t-shirt and turned it into a fun and sexy new line of Bodysuits, Leotards and More.

Inspired by the classic "Beater" style tank and Made in the USA Made in USA of a premium cotton/spandex rib-knit blend, you'll find our garments are not only comfortable and easy to care for, but are as versatile as they are sexy and flattering.

They can be worn alone as lingerie for bedtime or lounging, or layered in combination with your favorite shirts, shorts, skirts or slacks.

So whether you're heading to the boardroom, the bedroom, or anywhere in between, there's a teezees lingerie style that'll suit your mood.

*$2.00 Flat Rate Shipping Everyday!
*FREE Shipping on Purchases over $49.00!