Design Studio Instructions

NOTE:  The purpose of the Design Studio is to help you create and save your artwork to an online account where we can download and print it.  The garment upon which you create your artwork in Design Studio is not important, so choose any t-shirt/color you wish.  You do not need to make any purchases or place additional orders while in the Design Studio.

To access the online Design Studio:

  • Browse to
  • To create a new account, click "Create Account" and enter your name, email address and password.  Click the "Create Account" button at bottom.  You should now be logged in.
  • If you prefer not to create your own account, you can log in using the TeeZees email "", password "teezees".  Click on "Design Studio" and it will open.
  • Choose "Blank canvas", "Design templates" or "My saved art" (to edit art you've already created and saved.)
  •  The options under the "Edit Artwork" section (on left) will be most useful to you.  Be sure to check out the Artwork > Design Ideas (or Clip Art) for a wide variety of ideas/images.  You can Add Text or Upload Image here as well.  Ignore the "Names & Numbers" option, it does not apply to you.
  • When finished with your artwork click "Save and Share".
  • Give your artwork a Design Name that helps us identify it as yours.
  • Email a copy to yourself and to ""
  • "Sign Out" when done.
  • You can go back later and further edit your design by logging in and clicking Welcome TeeZees! > Account Options > My Designs > Edit Design.
  • If you have any questions, please email "" for assistance.